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Pitch a Tent

We have overnight trips available for the Suwannee and North Withlacoochee Rivers . Whether you have your own boat and just need transportation or you are
renting our canoes, we will get you on the river. We will drop you off and if necessary pick
you up. Canoe rental per day is $50 for trips from 2 to 4 days and $40 for trips 5+ days. River miles listed on the price table is the distance
to or from the Suwannee Canoe Outpost boat ramp (if on the Suwannee River).
If your trip requires both a dropoff and pick up both charges will apply.
We recommend that you check our water level guide page as part of your trip planning. Also see our Overnight Trip Handout here.

Shuttles to and from Florida State Parks may incur a $5 fee in addition to the shuttle fee.


Please click the link to ESign the Adult Release Form and/or Child Release Form.You can also download and print out the Adult Release Form and/or Child Release Form and bring it with you to the Outpost. Please fill out one waiver per adult and one for every 3 children (18 and under) in the party. In an effort to cut down on paper waste we do not have blank waivers at the Outpost.

Overnight Trips

Prices are per rented Canoe or Kayak (if renting more than one, shuttle price per person is reduced)

Discounted shuttle rates for children 6 and under

Description    1 person      2 people   
382Cone Bridge to Outpost$240$260
352White Springs to Gibson Park$280$330
221White Springs to Outpost$170$190
131Pine Grove to Outpost$160$190
131Outpost to Gibson Park$160$190
211Outpost to S.R. State Park$170$190

Suwannee River Shuttles

Shuttle riders with their own boats see table below for per person fee based on the number of people in the group.

River Miles and Location# of People
Upper Suwannee (Down river to Outpost)
   1      2      3      4+   
92     S.C. Foster State Park, GA$150$85$60$45
88     The Sill, GA$140$80$55$40
85     Lem Griffis Fish Camp, GA$125$70$50$35
72     Fargo, GA$105$60$40$35
53     Roline, FL$90$55$35$30
47     Hwy 6, FL$80$50$30$25
38     Cone Bridge, FL$90$55$40$35
22     White Springs, FL$70$45$30$25
13     Pine Grove, FL$60$40$25$20
2     Suwannee Springs, FL$20$15$10$10
Middle Suwannee (Float from Outpost)
13     Gibson Park, FL$60$45$25$20
21     Suwannee River State Park, FL$70$45$30$25
35     Dowling Park, FL$90$55$35$30
46     Lafayette Blue Springs, FL$100$60$40$35
51     U.S. 51, FL$95$55$35$30
59     Royal Spring, FL$95$55$35$30
70     Patrician Oaks, FL$105$60$40$35
74     Branford, FL$100$60$40$35
Lower Suwannee (Pick up only)
149     Suwannee, FL$200$120$80$60

North Withlacoochee Shuttles

River Miles and Location   1      2      3      4+   
Put In Fee
66     Hwy 94$150$85$60$45
34     Nankin Rd.$125$70$50$35
27     Hwy 145$105$60$40$35
22     Hwy 150$90$55$35$30
12     Hwy 6$90$55$35$30
10     Madison County B.R.$90$55$35$30
8     Wiggins Landing$90$55$35$30
Pick Up Fee
0     Suwannee River St. Park$70$45$30$25

We offer a %15 Military Discount