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Highs and Lows

Before you decide to reserve a trip you may want to check the current water level of the river. Levels are measured all along the rivers and recorded by Suwannee River Water Management.

Real-Time River Levels

What do the numbers mean?

We generally refer to the White Springs measuring station to determine the current condition of the river. The water level descriptions in the following table refer to the White Springs location. The measurements are in feet above mean sea level.

Level Range (ft)River Condition
Suwannee River at flood stage near
White Springs and possibly at the Canoe Outpost,
22 miles down river.

67 - 76
No beaches. Camping difficult;
debris in river; swift current;
powerful eddies and undercurrents. Possibly
dangerous conditions, especially for novice paddlers.Big shoals campsite will be under
water at 68 feet.

59 - 67
Some camping beaches. Current faster
than usual. Possible "strainers" (tree branches hanging
into river, which can trap boats in the current
and cause capsizing) on
river's edge.

55 - 59
Medium current in most areas.
Beaches mostly exposed and good for camping.
Some scenery, such as limestone bluffs and
outcroppings. Big Shoals

51 - 55
Ideal for camping on beaches. Slow
to medium current in most areas. Nice balance between
camping, current, and scenery. All trips open, from
the Swamp to the Gulf. Big Shoals probably too
low to run at this level.
(We recommend portaging Big Shoals anyway.)

50 - 51
Some low-water hazards above I-75;
proceed with caution. Possible trouble areas:
Roline boat ramp to Cone Bridge boat ramp;
Big/Little Shoals. The river is
generally fine in nearly all areas.

49 - 50
Trips above Cone Bridge boat ramp not
recommended for people with their own boats.
Some possibly nasty areas from Roline
boat ramp to Cone Bridge boat ramp
and from Big Shoals to Stephen Foster State Park
below White Springs.

The Canoe Outpost will not send our canoes
above I-75 because of possible damage.
Trips above I-75 not recommended; day trips
affected, too. (All of our day trips
begin below I-75.)